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‘A writer who seems set to rule the genre’ – Waterstones Books Quarterly

‘A Blight of Mages is an intoxicating and heart-wrenching story depicting two young people torn by desire and ability’ – British Fantasy Society

Hundreds of years before the great Mage War, a land lies, unknowing, on the edge of catastrophe . . .

Barl is young, impulsive and wants to explore her raw magical potential. But Dorana’s rigid class system means that only those with the right pedigree are trained. Desperate to learn, Barl lets her eagerness lead her to rebellion and disgrace. She faces the possibility of never using her powers again – until she meets Morgan Danfey, who sits on the Mage Council itself.

Together, they realise they can create an extraordinary new magic. But the lure of this great power reveals a darkness in Morgan which will bring their land to its knees.

From the bestselling Karen Miller comes a compelling fantasy novel set in the world before The Innocent Mage – the age before the great Mage War . . .

Books by Karen Miller:

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker Series
The Innocent Mage
The Awakened Mage
A Blight of Mages

Empress of Mijak
The Riven Kingdom
The Hammer of God

Fisherman’s Children
The Prodigal Mage
The Reluctant Mage

Tarnished Crown
The Falcon Throne
Prince of Glass


Top-notch fantasy . . . a masterclass writer
Miller is clearly a very talented writer: her characterisation is a masterclass in nuance and sensitivity, and she has a visceral way with action ... a compelling portrait of a blighted world in the company of flawed, fascinating people
Ms. Miller is wonderfully talented in building her worlds and in filling them with well-developed characters that are believable in their thoughts and actions.

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker